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About Morsel Combat

Morsel Combat is a unique culinary event showcasing premier chefs and restaurants from central Iowa’s thriving food scene. But it’s more than good food and good fun – it’s a good cause. The event provides funding to battle hunger in Iowa and around the world, designating all proceeds to Meals from the Heartland.


Upcoming Event

Join us on Sunday, July 16, 2017 for the sixth annual Morsel Combat. This year's event will feature many of the top chefs from central Iowa. Get your tickets today!


Meals from the Heartland

The mission of Meals from the Heartland is to empower people to save the starving, focused both on feeding people and giving people a heart for volunteering and giving back to their communities. Meals from the Heartland is celebrating its 10th year in operation. In 2016, the organization packed 18.1 million meals and engaged over 60,000 volunteers, and is on track to package 21 million meals in 2017.

Food is distributed both domestically and internationally. Locally, Meals from the Heartland partners with both the Food Bank of Iowa and Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) in a partnership called Unite to Feed. The program combines Meals from the Heartlands meals (rice, soy and mac and cheese) with the food banks ingredients. Together, the organizations package the meals (Chili Mac and Taco Rice recipes) at a total cost of approximately $3.50 per meal, serving more than six people. The meals are distributed at the food banks for emergency food relief, where anyone who qualifies can access the meals at any time.  

In addition to feeding the hungry in Iowa, Meals from the Heartland food goes to schools and orphanages in countries where children would otherwise not have a meal. These meals are distributed by logistics partner, Convoy of Hope, through their feeding initiative.

Meals from the Heartland’s food products are not donated, the organization relies entirely on charitable donations to buy the food packaged for meals.

The annual Morsel Combat culinary event is designed to provide funding for Meals from the Heartland and to raise awareness for those struggling with hunger in Iowa and around the world.

To learn about Morsel Combat's corporate partner Meals from the Heartland click below.

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